Portfolio Drawings for a Constructability Plan in Statoil

Drawings for a Constructability Plan in Statoil

June 11, 2015 Draw2think (Irene Mynthe) was graphic recording at the start-up for the “Fire and Gas Detection Project” in Statoil. The new team was discussing issues that could cause problems in the different phases of the project. The team was divided into five groups and made their views upon the  interfaces, work flows, resources etc.. My big drawing on the wall made the participants see clearly which parts of the plan needed special attention. The Project leader noticed for instance that more attention was to be given to development of some needed competencies.

The team was to create a common logo for the “Fire and Gas Detection Project”. Each group presented a suggestion for the logo design and my job was to draw by their descriptions. Two groups suggested dragons. I was surprised about the amount of fire I was going to draw on that day 😀

The day was nicely facilitated by Gormsen Vu Consulting. I sensed a good team spirit and very positive attitude in this group.