Portfolio Graphic Recording about Design Anthropology at Copenhagen University

Graphic Recording about Design Anthropology at Copenhagen University

March 4 a very interesting seminar was held about the popular topic Design Antropology. 135 people could attend this seminar/conference, and all seats were sold out within two days. Very interesting speeches were held. Speakers from Novo Nordisk, Oticon and Danish Design Centre were invited for the seminar. I scribed during the whole day. Being an anthropologist I had an advantage because I am used to this form of scientific language. However, it also made me think in depth. And I had to remind myself about focusing on the visual process  not getting too involved in the conversations.

Between the speeches people came up to my wall to study my pictures. Some started pointing to my drawings using them to discuss different perspectives. It was so good to see that my drawings inspired people to discuss further. For me this is the most important reason to use visual thinking. It helps people think and act better.

When working with graphic facilitation and visualizations I am always an anthropologist doing my fieldwork in the organisation I visit as an outsider. I am often asked whether I have to know about the topic to be able to do graphic recording. The answer is: Absolutely not! If the speaker can deliver the messages, then I can visualize the words. Visuals are always an add on to the words, and give an extra dimension to the thinking. Draw to think bigger and better !