Portfolio Drawings help Parkinsons Patients

Drawings help Parkinsons Patients

In this case drawings are used to communicate abstract medical information to Parkinsons Patients in order to helt them monitor their symptoms for improved treatment.

The video below, produced by Draw2think and Weaddmotion, was a cooperation between Glostrup Hospital and Abbvie. The purpose of this video was to explain some of the symptoms of Parkinsons disease in order to help the patients getting a better treatment. One of the problems is that the patients are getting used to being more and more disabled, so when they don’t mention their struggles and symptoms right, then the doctor is having problems suggesting the best treatment for the patients.

Part of the research for this movie was a day at the hospital next to the doctor in order to understand Parkinsons disease more closely.

Fluctuations in Parkinson disease from We Add Motion on Vimeo.